Thursday, August 16, 2012

Why I oppose the RH Bill...

Why RH BILL: if we have these existing laws to protect women and children that only lack implementation:

- People have ALWAYS the right to CHOOSE, refer to Article 3: Bill of Rights of the 1987 Constitution.
- RA 9710 - An Act Providing for the Magna Carta of Women
- PD 965 - A Decree requiring applicant for Marriage License to receive Instructions on Family Planning 
                  and Responsible Parenthood
- RA 8980 - An Act promulgating a Comprehensive Policy and a National System for early Childhood Care
                    and Development (ECCD), providing Funds therefore and for other purposes
- RA 9262 - An Act defining Violence Against Women and their Children, providing for protected measures 
                    for victims, prescribing penalties therefore and for other purposes
- RA 7877 - An Act Declaring Sexual Harassment Unlawful in the Employment, Education or Training 
                    Environment and for other purposes
- RA 9995 - An Act Defining and Penalizing the Crime of Photo and Video Voyeurism, prescribing penalties 
                    therefore and for other purposes
- RA 6615 - An Act requiring Government and Private Hospitals and Clinics to extend Medical Assistance 
                    in Emergency Cases
- RA 9502 - An Act providing for Cheaper and Quality Medicines, amending for the purpose RA 8293 or 
                    the Intellectual Property Code, RA 6675 or the Generics Act of 1988, and RA 5921 or the 
                    Pharmacy Law and for other purposes
- RA 7875 - An Act instituting a National Health Insurance Program for All Filipinos and Establishing the 
                    Philippine Health Insurance Corporation for the purpose 
- RA 8504 - Philippine AIDS Prevention and Control Act of 1998
- EO 452 of July 30, 2005 - Directing the Enrollment of 2.5Million Indigent Families pursuant to EO 276 S. 
                                            2004 and for other purposes

Also approved in the House, HB 4484 - An Act Providing for A Magna Carta of the Poor  and
     HB 6048 - An Act providing for Universal Health Care Services to all Filipinos, further amending for the 
     purpose RA 7875, otherwise known as the "National Health Insurance Act of 1995, as ammended

and, a lot more at Philippine Commission on Women website.

Our taxes may just go to the pockets of our dear corrupt politicos. What if, there will be ghost condoms, ghost health centers, ghost health care providers and a lot more of ghosts in some of the barangays, municipalities and cities? SOP's in government agencies have been very active for years. We have a lot of laws, but are with flaws and loopholes. Why not implement the existing laws first or amend those with loopholes?

Can we put into law the Freedom of Information Bill first? Can we create a "Corruption Prevention Act" first? Can we have the National ID System first? Maybe, we can protect our taxes from the CORRUPT if we have these!



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